Vollständige Harmonielehre

Since Janáček's first edition of Úplná nauka o harmonii (The Complete Study of Harmony) was published in 1911, the publication has been waiting for its German translation. Janáček himself attempted to translate it, but his Viennese publisher (Universal Edition) was not all in favour of publishing it.

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The author of this issue presents not only a translation, but also a large genealogy of Janáček´s Complete Study of Harmony. She deals with linguistic problems of translation and multiconceptional analysis of the text. As she studies the physiological, psychological, and philosophical works Janáček was influenced by, she introduces new broader contexts.

The book was published in a co-production with Frank & Timme Publishing House, Berlin. Janáček's original Czech text is part of volume H0014 Teoretické dílo I (Theoretical Works I).


  • German
  • translation and edition Kerstin Lücker
  • stitched binding, hard cover
  • size: 245x175 mm
  • number of pages: 517
  • editorial reference number:: H0020
  • ISBN 978-3-86596-321-5
  • ISSN 1862-6114
  • ISBN 978-80-904052-5-7
  • issued 2012

Reference: H0020

Condition: New product