Editio Janáček

The edition was founded by the Leoš Janáček Foundation in 2001 with the aim of focusing publishing and publishing activities primarily on the musical and verbal literary legacy of the Leoš Janáček. The primary task of Editio Janáček was to complete the Collected Critical Edition of Janáček's work and make it accessible to the maximum extent. The publication of the critical edition was started in the late 1970s by the state-owned company Supraphon in cooperation with the Bärenreiter publishing house.

Editio Janáček o.p.s. terminated its activities at the end of 2020. The published books and music were handed over to the Leoš Janáček Foundation, whose management decided to significantly reduce prices in order to expand Janáček's publications as much as possible among those interested in Janáček's work.