Teoretické dílo I (1877-1927)

Theoretical Works I (1877-1927)

Over the fifty years (1877-1927) Leoš Janáček created a remarkably extensive range of music theory studies, many of which grew into larger thematic units and were later published in book form. Janáček published most of his theoretical treatises as soon as the last ink dot dried in the manuscript.

His studies found their way to the music journals Cecilie, Hlídka, Dalibor, and, above all, to Hudební listy, which he edited throughout its existence (1884-1888).

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Janáček's music theory treatises were not created as a research product. His theoretical teachings, treatises, and discourses are the work of a composer-theorist who refines his compositional potential with his interpretations of musical theories reflecting music-related disciplines such as the psychology of music perception and creation, physiology of music, acoustics, and experimental psychology. Janáček the theorist influences Janáček the composer and vice versa, but both take account of the pedagogical moment when considering the form of the texts. After all, throughout his entire life, Janáček shared his views on music theory with the students of the organ school and later with the conservatory students! And it was typical of Janáček to present his theoretical writings in his characteristic literary style, which can spice up even the factual text with a surprisingly poetic "slip".

The first volume of theoretical works contains essays and papers: Všelijaká objasnění melodická a harmonická(General clarification of melodic and harmonic matters), Statě z teorie hudby (Essays from the theory of music), O dokonalé představě dvojzvuku (On the perfect concept of the two-note chord), Bedřich Smetana o formách hudebních (Bedřich Smetana on musical forms), O představě tóniny (On the concept of tonality), O vědeckosti nauk o harmonii (On the scientific nature of harmony treatises), O trojzvuku (On the triad), Slovíčko o kontrapunktu (A brief word about counterpoint), Nový proud v teorii hudební(A new current in music theory), O skladbě souzvukův a jejich spojův (On the composition of chords and their connections), Moderní harmonická hudba (Modern harmonic music), Můj názor o sčasování (rytmu) (My opinion about rhythm), Z praktické části o sčasování rytmu (From the practical parts of rhythm), Váha reálných motive (The weight of real-life motifs), O průběhu duševní práce skladatelské (On the course of the composer's mental compositional work), and Úplná nauka o harmonii (The Complete Study of Harmony). 


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