Suite (1877)

The Suite for strings was Janáček's first orchestral composition he wrote even before his studies at the conservatory in Leipzig (1879-1880). It comprises six sections, which were originally titled as Prélude, Allemande, Sarabande, Scherzo, Air, and Finale. However, such sections did not correspond to the original character of the old dance suite, especially scherzo was completely inappropriate. Most of the sections of the Suite are written in two-part and three-part song form, while the sixth section is in the form of a sonata.

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The original manuscript of the score has not been preserved, but there is an authorized copy of the score with the title page written by Janáček's hand deposited in the Janáček Archive at the Moravian Museum. It is possible to compare it with Janáček's handwriting thanks The Collection of Compositions from Prague Studies, also on deposit there, in which the composer copied down in fine handwriting all his compositions from the years 1874-75 that he produced at the Skuherský organ school and later. One of these compositions, the Sonnet for four violins, dated November 25, 1875 in Brno, served as a source for Janáček when composing the fourth part of the Suite (then entitled Scherzo) with the prescribed tempo of Presto. He cites the Sonnet almost verbatim, especially in the first nine bars.


  • full score and instrumental parts (5+4+3+2+1)
  • introduction: Svatava Přibáňová
  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers' notes and annotations in Czech and German
  • editors: Leoš Faltus and Jiří Mottl
  • size: 340 × 270 mm
  • spiral binding
  • number of pages: 48+5×12+4×12+3×12+2×8+8
  • editorial reference number: H 0006
  • ISMN M-66051-229-6
  • issued in December 2002

Edition includes complete supplies

series D / volume 1 - 1

Reference: H0006

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