Smíšené sbory – Cori misti (1877–1899)

Mixed Choruses - Cori misti (1877-1899)

The mixed choruses were composed between 1877 and 1899 as commissioned works, contributions to competitions, or freely as a repertoire for singer associations. Mixed choruses were composed over the years when Janáček worked as a choirmaster of two important Brno singing societies, first in Svatopluk and later in Beseda brněnská. Chorals were the one of his domains, and he continued the tradition of Moravian choral composers such as Pavel Křížkovský.

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Janáček the composer first presented himself to the public with male choruses intended for Svatopluk association production and liturgical compositions for mixed choir with the organ accompaniment which were performed in church choir lofts. The first opportunity to compose a secular choral piece for male and female voices arose in 1877 with a significant social event - beginning of the construction of a new building for Teachers' Institute in Old Brno.
It was for this occasion that Janáček composed Slavnostní sbor (Festive Chorus for Laying the Foundation Stone of the Teachers' Institute), the first of a series of mixed choruses in this volume of the Complete Critical Edition of the Works of Leoš Janáček.
This volume consists of: Slavnostní sbor / Festive Chorus (1877), Píseň v jeseni/Autumn song (1880), Kačena divoká/ The wild duck (around1885), Naše píseň/ Our song (around 1890), Už je slúnko z tej hory ven!/ The sun has risen above that hill (1894), Ukvalské písně/ Hukvaldy songs (1899).


  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers' notes and annotations in Czech and German
  • editors: Leoš Faltus, Jiří Zahrádka.
  • including: Song of Celebration (1877), Autumn Song (1880), The Wild Duck (about 1885), Our Song (about 1890), The Sun is rising from the mountain (1894), Songs from Hukvaldy (1899).
  • size: 310 × 245 mm
  • side-stitched binding
  • number of pages: 88
  • editorial reference number: H0010
  • ISMN M-706527-00-0
  • issued in December 2007 

series C / volume 4 

Reference: H0010

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