Říkadla (1926)

Nursery Rhymes (1926)

I made Říkadla (Nursery Rhymes) not only because I found their humorous content amusing, but also because I liked the illustrations by Josef Lada. I have a nice collection now and I am going to publish them. Lada's pictures cannot be missing in the book. We have hundreds and thousands of rhymes. I made my choices and set the appropriate ones to music; nevertheless, I had a hard time pondering how to make them whole. I was missing both the opening and the ending and it kept slipping through my fingers for quite some time before I was able to put my finger on it. Now they are finished and I´m content with them in their entirety. They are composed for various voices and instruments and are frolicsome, witty, cheerful, - that's what I like about them. They're rhymes after all!

250.00 Kč

Even the seventieth birthday could not disrupt Leoš Janáček's good mood. The memory of childhood and youth deftly forged into the music of a wind sextet entitled Mládí (Youth), a birthday present he gave himself, does not contain even a little bit of nostalgia. On the contrary, it is illuminated with the wisdom of years and with the humour, which became increasingly evident in Janáček's compositions. Although he was not denied the role of a father, he did not live to see the continuity of his family and did not have a chance to pass on the heritage as the natural laws of reproduction, persuasively depicted in the charming scenes of Příhody lišky Bystroušky (The Cunning Little Vixen), urge us. The more he lacked his fatherly role, the more he was fascinated by the world of children, whom he watched with pleasure of watching both in Hukvaldy and in Písek where the presence of Kamila Stösslová made those moments very special.


  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers' notes and annotations in Czech and German
  • editors: Leoš Faltus, Alena Němcová.
  • size: 310 × 245 mm
  • side-stitched binding
  • number of pages: 72
  • editorial reference number: H0013
  • ISMN M-706527-04-8
  • issued in 2006 


for chamber choir (SATB) and 10 instruments

series E / volume 5

Reference: H0013

Condition: New product