Musiche per drammi – frammenti (1906–1928)

The volume introduces torsos of operas Paní mincmistrová/The Mintmaster´s Wife, Gazdina roba/The Farm Mistress, Živá mrtvola/The Living Corpse and stage music Schluck und Jau. Janáček left each of these operatic drafts in a different phase of work. 

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While The Living Corpse is a fragment of an orchestral score and Schluck und Jau is an orchestral sketch, Paní mincmistrová/The mintmaster's wife and Anna Karenina resemble a sketch outline in the form of a piano score with only occasional marks for other musical instruments. The sketches in the most fragmentary state are those of Gazdina roba/ The Farm Mistress, which capture merely isolated music ideas with only a few parts resembling a piano score.

The aim of this edition is to show the development of Janáček's creative work on the basis of published sketches and, at the same time, to give an idea of the composer's unique way of compositional thinking.


  • preface in Czech, German, English and French language
  • editors: Miloš Štědroň, Veronika Vejvodová
  • size: 340x267 × 10mm
  • number of pages: 141
  • editorial reference number: H0018
  • ISMN M-706527-06-2
  • vyšlo v roce 2010

series D / volume 2 

Reference: H0018

Condition: New product