Literární dílo II (1875-1928)

Literary Works II (1875-1928)

The second volume of Janáček's Literary Works consists of a collection of Janáček's papers unpublished during the composer´s life, plus a set of other manuscripts added in the section Supplementi. These consist mostly of undated and unfinished sketches, excerpts, notes, glossed texts, outlines, and works of a preparatory nature, often untitled. Sometimes they are part of documents of a completely different nature, and their dating can only be estimated. These fragments are published merely for the sake of full documentation. The information of their existence might inspire future editors of works on music theory, folk music, education, and analyses of Janáček's melodies of speech. In addition, they can provide interesting information to Janáček´s biographers.

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  • editors: Theodora Straková, Eva Drlíková
  • language revision: Dušan Šlosar
  • size: 250 × 176 mm
  • stitched binding / hard cover
  • number of pages: 440
  • editorial reference number: H 0005
  • ISBN: 80-239-0995-9
  • issued in october 2003

feuilletons, studies, reviews, glosses, lectures, speeches, syllabiand sketches 

series I / volume 1-2 

Reference: H0005

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