Literární dílo I (1875-1928)

Literary Works I (1875-1928)

Together with Janáček's first compositions, his first literary contributions marked his emergence into public life. They reflect his private and public life, as well as his work[RJ1] . They poured forth almost without interruption between 1875 and 1928, since the first modest beginnings till the end of his life. They represent an important source of information on his intellectual and artistic development, his creative struggles, and his battles for recognition of his work as a composer. They are not of a merely random nature but form a permanent part of his personal and artistic legacy.

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The collection of so far assembled Janáček's literary essays, papers and reviews, articles and feuilletons, studies, and books about music comprises about 380 individual contributions; 310 of these were published during his lifetime. The remainder consists of complete and incomplete manuscripts, drafts, syllabi, lecture notes, and other significant fragments.

Due to his style, ability to express his ideas and content significance of his works Janáček's literary work became an important part of the Czech literature. In both literary and musical work, in writing and composing, Janáček is always original, distinctive, straightforward, uncompromising, despite resistance and lack of understanding, always standing up for his truth. Nevertheless, Janáček the composer exceeded Janáček the writer; with his brilliant compositions, especially operas, he is placed at the top of the music avant -garde of the 1920s.


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feuilletons, studies, reviews, glosses, lectures, speeches, syllabiand sketches

Series I, Volume 1-1 

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