Kašpar Rucký

Caspar Rutsky

Kašpar Rucký/Caspar Rutsky is a female chorus to the text of František Serafinský's Procházka poem appeared independently from the very beginning. On the title page we read: "About Kašpar Rucký from F.S. Prochazka's Songs of Hradčany for mixed choir composed by Leoš Janáček.

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The first rendition of Kašpar Rucký was given by the Singing Association of Prague Teachers conducted by Metod Doležel. The premiere took place in Prague in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House on Wednesday, April 6, 1921. Compared to other Janáček's female choruses, Kašpar Rucký/Caspar Rutsky was performed with much less intensity, which was mainly due to its enormous technical difficulty. 


  • with lyrics also in German and English translation
  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers' notes and annotations in Czech and German
  • editors: Jiří Zahrádka and Miloš Štědroň Jr.
  • revision and new German and English translation of the lyrics: Karel Trinkewitz, Soňa Červená, Robert Russell
  • size: 310 × 245 mm
  • spiral binding
  • number of pages: 144 + 4 + 2
  • editorial reference number: H0002
  • ISMN M-66051-177-0
  • issued in September 2002

score and instrumental parts

women's choir

Reference: H0002c

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