Idyla (1878)

Idyll (1878)

According to Janáček's autobiographical notes published by Adolf Vesel, the year 1878 was very important as he came up with the idea of founding an organ school in Brno. In the same year he also traveled to Germany where he had been invited by the famous Oettingen organ maker, P.G. Steinmeyer, who made the organ for the Cathedral of St. Adalbert in Prague and for the church in Old Brno in 1876. Besides visiting the workshop, Janáček took advantage of the trip to explore "the marble wonders of the Glyptotheque... and the wonders of colour in the Pinakotheque" in nearby Munich. 

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He also visited his brother Bedřich (1846-1918), employed at that time in a factory making enameled kitchenware in Thale. In Oettingen on 4 August 1878 Janáček produced the draft of a composition for organ that he wrote on the first blank page of the score of his new work which he had begun to compose there, and which he entitled Idyla pro smyčcové nástroje /Idyll for String Instruments. The title apparently reflects the pleasant atmosphere of summer stay in Germany, especially the romantic spirit of Lake Starnberg.


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