Folkloristické dílo II (1891–1928)

Folcloristic studies II

The second volume of Folkloristic works contains Janáček's texts and materials that remained unpublished during his lifetime. These are mostly incomplete texts of various extent, often taking the form of sketches, concepts, occasional arguments, or analytical notes. Thus, it is possible to judge the amount of folklore material that Janáček studied and analyzed and how erudite the preparation which created the prerequisites for better-known and more masterful outputs written for both amateur and professional audience was.

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The curtain that separates the official layer of knowledge intended for the public from the inspiring stimuli and ideas has numerous cracks, and an attentive reader will surely find many parallels and intersections not only in published folkloristic works, but also in musical-theoretical works (I/2-1, 2).

The effort to find an ideal theoretical introduction for the song edition, which was prepared by the Working Committee for the Czech National Song in Moravia and Silesia led by Janáček as part of the collecting and publishing activity Folk Song in Austria, runs through the entire edition as a red thread. However, the selected part of this collection only saw the light of day in the Czechoslovak National Institute for Folk Song, i.e. after Janáček's death. Here, for the first time, the unrealized concepts of the introduction to this collection are presented, thereby revealing Janáček's enormous thematic focus and erudition, entitling the author to make generous plans and masterful actions in both mentioned institutions.