Folkloristické dílo I (1886-1927)

Folkloric studies I (1886-1927)

The first volume of Folkloric Studies (Series I/ Vol.3-1) presents a complete edition of Janáček's texts concerning folkloric activities published during his life. It contains the articles and studies of various extent either sent to journals and daily press or accompanying the forthcoming collections of folk songs and dances. The style range of these texts corresponds to the scope of perceptions and impulses he encountered. 

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In his feuilletons he portrayed numerous experiences regarding the field research of folk songs; the reviews reflect an obvious effort to define himself against the folklore production of that time as well as against the theories of his colleagues; the reports reflect topical issues in the field and their background. The extensive study "About musical aspect of Moravian folk songs" (1901) appears essential mainly because the author managed to provide deep analyses of both material and context of folkloric phenomena. Later papers indicate Janáček's interest in phonetics and psychology. 


  • preface in Czech, English and German
  • editors: Jarmila Procházková, Marta Toncrová, Jiří Vysloužil
  • language revision: Dušan Šlosar
  • size: 250 × 180 mm
  • stitched binding, hard cover
  • number of pages: 624
  • editorial reference number H0017
  • ISBN: 978-80-904052-2-6
  • issued in April 2009

series I / volume 3 - 1

Reference: H0017

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