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Concertino (1925)

To work Janáček began to outline, according to his own notes, on New Year's Day 1925 on the Vltava embankment, then eleven days later on a train from Prague, and then again in April in Hukvaldy, was supposed to be a suite entitled "Jaro" (Spring).

Some days before finishing the composition, he sent an Easter postcard from Hukvaldy to Mrs. Kamila Stösslová with this short message: "... I have composed a piano concerto called "Spring" here. There's a cricket, midges, a roebuck, a wild creek - yes, and a human ... (Moravian Museum, Janáček Archive, E 289).
400.00 Kč

To the finished manuscript on the title page, he wrote the date 29 April 1925 (the date the piece was finished), and to the fourth movement he added the program note:

Jaro [Spring] / Suita [Suite] / pro [for] / klavír (concertní), Oboe, dvoje housle, Violu, Cornu a Fagot [piano}(concertante), oboe, two violins, viola, horn and bassoon] // Brouk, Jelen, Mušky, Cvrček, Bystřina [beetle, stag, midges, cricket, creek] ...


  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers notes and annotations in Czech and German language
  • editors: Eva Drlíková, Leoš Faltus
  • size: 340 x 270 mm
  • stitched binding / spiral binding
  • number of pages: 68 + 6x8
  • editorial reference number: H 0001
  • ISMN M 66051-175-6
  • Issued in November 2001

for piano and chamber ensamble (vn1, 2; va; cl Bb, Eb; hn; bn)

series E / volume 7

Reference: H0001

Condition: New product