Balada blanická (1919-1920)

The Ballad of Blaník (1919-1920)

Not for the first time, Janáček found inspiration in the poetry of Jaroslav Vrchlický (1853-1912). This time it was Balada blanická (The Ballad of Blanik), a part of the collection Selské balady (Peasant Ballads) from 1885. In this case, as many times before in the history of music, Janáček's work is part of a longer chain of impulses - the poet himself was inspired by Josef Svátek's study Selské vzpoury v Čechách (Peasant Uprisings in Bohemia), but his adaptation of the historical events is very loose. This poetic license is especially evident in the legend of the knights of Blaník.

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The central motif - knights/army sleeping under the mountain bring salvation in the darkest hour - is found in many forms in various cultures and periods of history. One of the most well-known and evidently the oldest versions is the legend of King Arthur. In Czech cultural history, the story associated with Blaník Mountain (638m), which stands between Benešov and Vlašim, has been modelled by various political and social factors, often contradictory ones.

The Ballad of Blaník (introduction)

On Good Friday when the Passion is said

the mountain Blaník gapes open every year.
Woe, woe unto those who stray there
He who does must wait one full year
and those are lucky, who when the time is ended
if they do not miss the terrible hour
when again in sorrow the Passion is said
and Blaník opens wide on Good Friday.


  • accompanying text in four language versions
  • publishers' notes and annotations in Czech and German
  • editors: Karel Steinmetz, Miloš Štdroň Sr.
  • introduction: Jarmila Procházková
  • size: 340 × 270 mm, spiral binding
  • number of pages: 80
  • editorial reference number: H0007
  • ISMN M-66051-231-9
  • issued in October 2003

symphonic poem by Jaroslav Vrchlický


series D / svazek 8 

Reference: H0007

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